pride drives us

pride drives us.

Housed in two historic restored bungalows, surrounded by landscaped garden patios, Alcove serves updated versions of American classics from the freshest ingredients. We source responsibly for products that are local and organic, as well as proteins raised in cage-free and grain-fed and non-GMO corn-fed environments when available.

hand crafted cocktails

Our hand-crafted cocktails are prepared with fine spirits, freshly squeezed juices and house made syrups; and we offer fine wines and craft beers.


Our cakes, tarts, pies and pastries are made daily from local artisan bakers.

coffee + tea

Our espresso and coffee beans are hand-roasted weekly by an award-winning Seattle based micro roaster; and our loose leaf teas are hand-crafted.

alcove chocolate

We also offer our own Alcove Chocolate collection made from award-winning Belgian chocolate, available for sale nationwide.

benefits for our employees: it’s the right thing to do

Since opening in 2004, we proudly have offered our employees a portfolio of benefits. Our program includes comprehensive health benefits with PPO and HMO options in which we subsidize 70% of our employees’ premiums, as well as dental, vision and personal wellness/accident programs. We also offer our employees a Profit Sharing 401(k) program.

Why do we do this? Clearly since we've had benefits in place since 2004, our decision is not triggered by the Affordable Health Care Act; nor does any governmental agency require us to offer a profit sharing program. We simply believe it’s the right thing to do. In fact, even after the ACA fully went into effect in 2015, the health benefits we offer far exceed governmental thresholds. We also feel strongly against imposing a surcharge to our customers to cover these benefits which we've seen is an emerging trend in the restaurant industry.

Everyone deserves good healthcare and a solid financial future. Here’s to good health and prosperity!

Finding yourself in Studio City?

Visit our strategic partner and inspiration, Aroma Coffee & Tea Company located at 4360 Tujunga Avenue.

join our family

join our family!

We invite you apply. Please visit us in person any weekday before 11:00 a.m. or after 2:30 p.m. to complete a job application.

We staff various positions including: counter servers, cocktail servers, food runners, food expeditors, line cooks, bartenders, barbacks, management and more. What can we offer you? A work environment that emphasizes congeniality, a highly competitive compensation package, a comprehensive company subsidized health benefits program, and a (401)k program.

gift cards

give the gift of alcove!

Gift cards are available in any denomination!


our commitment to the environment.

We strive to operate our business responsibly. Part of that mission means caring for our environment while caring for our customers.

To do that we have the following practices in place:

Comprehensive recycling program for glass, aluminum, and plastic. Comprehensive recycling program for organic waste and cardboard
Paper cups for hot drinks made from 100% recycled & chlorine-free paper Biodegradable "plastic-like" cups for chilled beverages.
Floor-cleaning products made from enzymes, not chemicals Paper products such as menus, paper towels and toilet tissue made from 100% recycled and chlorine-free paper
Water efficient spray vales throughout the property. Sourcing locally grown and organic product/produce whenever possible
Paper products such as menus, paper towels and toilet tissue made from 100% recycled and chlorine-free paper. waterless men’s room urinal

While we are proud of our efforts, we are not done!
We will continue to identify ways to do more.


looking back.

Alcove is housed in two of the oldest houses in Los Feliz: a Spanish duplex built in 1916 and a Craftsman cottage built in 1897. These two structures have been occupied and enjoyed by many generations of residents and businesses.

Originally built as private homes, these houses were converted to commercial use in the 1970's. Over the last 40+ years, these structures have contained specialty offices, a small private school, a real estate firm, and most recently an escrow company.

Alcove became the proud face of this address in 2004.



When converting the space in 2003, we aimed to restore all of the wonderful architectural elements that were already here while recreating many details and features that old photographs revealed. All of the arches, door frames and moldings were fabricated to match the details from the original property.

The only interior walls kept during our restoration were the two small walls containing arched alcoves. Hence, our name.

We applied that same passion and care when creating Big Bar in 2010.

Our goal: To create spaces that after all the painstaking work was completed by many talented carpenters and craftspeople... moving walls, adding and deleting rooms, installing new systems... it would feel like no work was ever done at all.


did you know?

The "murals" that line many of our interior walls were actually four separate 8'X'8' oil paintings purchased at a North Hollywood yard sale. These paintings were commissioned for a network television pilot to simulate a courtroom. After removing hundreds of staples from the boards, we simply hung them like wallpaper.

Alcove's oak floor boards are original, and were patched intentionally in a zigzag fashion to reveal where former interior walls once stood, just another way to respect the heritage of the home's original footprint.

The mosaic design of green glass over the front facade is made from Seven Up bottles, a design element completed during a remodel in the 1970's.